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Skyway Trucking benefits from Matrack

Skyway Trucking

Skyways Trucking was incorporated in 2004 in Toronto Ontario, by two brothers Rana Tariq Hameed and Babir Hameed.It expanded to its second branch in Regina SK, in 2007, operating four services under one roof, driver training services, transport services, repair and maintenance services (SGI certified), and dealership. Despite being in the trucking industry for many years, they were finding it difficult to cater to every client’s customized needs and were looking for a technology partner that could support the ever-evolving needs of their trucking business.That is where they got in touch with Matrack Inc. to enable their company’s technological evolution.


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Organisation Background image
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At Skyway Trucking., customers come first. By leveraging smarter fleet technology, Skyway Trucking. is able to help their employees, partners, and communities thrive.Whether it’s driver training, transport or diesel assistance, skyway trucking. prides themselves on completing their jobs on time and with precision. By gaining visibility into their operations with real-time GPS tracking, skyway trucking. was able to improve their routing efficiency, decrease their haul times, and ultimately increase revenue by 10%.

What makes Matrack Inc. the ideal FMS provider:

“I think you guys are always on top of things, it’s fantastic.”

Rui Ariosa is the fleet manager for Skyway Trucking, a medium sized
transport trucking company based in Ontario, Canada.

Skyway Trucking keys to Success

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Efficient routes for their vehicles and avoid slowdowns

Knowing how much time a vehicle is going to take in loading or unloading the cargo and With visibility into delays and potential hazards on the road Skyway Trucking was able to use Matrack’s ELD helped the company in creating better routes that were efficient as well as time saving, while also using the best of driver’s allowed working hours and avoid slowdowns.They are now able to plan ahead and adjust routes and times to make the best use of their resources.

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Reliable technology that saves time and money

With nearly 30+ Power Units, Skyway Trucking needs to know that their team can count on their ELD provider to work reliably, with minimal downtime. “Paper logs were always easier to cheat.” said Ruis Aroisa, Fleet Manager at Skyway Trucking. The Matrack ELD provides Skyway Trucking with a dependable tool to collect data, saving time and maintenance costs.

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Using Electronic DVIR to avoid the paperlog hassle

In order to be more efficient Skyway Trucking was looking for a way to eliminate their old paper-based process for Electronic DVIRs and Documents.All fleet managers know that paper logs are a hassle. Not only are they complicated to maintain but also difficult to store. To add to this, more often than not, paper logs provide only little insight into what is actually going on with the drivers and vehicles. Now, drivers can complete all forms within the Matrack ELD App, allowing the Company to save time and reduce errors.

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Increase In Revenue
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Decrease In Load Haul Times
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Decrease In Billable Hours

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