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About Matrack Inc.

Who we are and what we do
Our Story

Our founder, Vijay Pillai, a successful software engineer from the Silicon Valley working for a huge multi-national corporation was inspired to be an entrepreneur and make a difference to technological advancements and the society as a whole. Thus came into being, Matrack Incorporated in early 2008. With it’s humble beginnings backed up by a lofty ideal of outstanding customer support and cutting- edge technology it has grown today in leaps and bounds.

Who we are

Matrack Incorporated is a leading provider of GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking solutions for individuals and businesses. Based out of the San Francisco Bay area and with locations in three continents, Matrack Incorporated has a global reach and continuously strives to provide its customers with high end, cutting edge technology at the most affordable price in the market.

Customer satisfaction is our lifeblood

Matrack Incorporated is dedicated to providing its customers with user friendly and economical solutions to asset and GPS fleet tracking, thereby providing revolutionary affordable and straightforward solutions to individuals and companies. Matrack Incorporated is also deeply committed to providing its customers with expert and timely technical and customer support; continuously adapting and adjusting to each individual and company’s’ unique needs. Matrack Incorporated takes pride in its ability to serve its customers 24 hours a day all the 365 days of the year.

Matrack Incorporated today

Started in 2008, Matrack Incorporated has grown into a 100 employee company and continues to grow rapidly

Our Achievements
Happy Customers 🙂

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