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Customer Stories

"Everyone likes (Matrack) devices. They are easy to use."

Prem Sodhi

Fleet Manager, Continential Carriers LLC

"MaTrack is a very helpful company for the trucking business with great customer service."

Percy Cro

Fleet Manager, Crosby Anderson Freight

"MaTrack has pretty competitive pricing. Some companies want an upfront cost of $300 just for the device, which is crazy! MaTrack is very reasonable."


Fleet Manager,Golden State Express

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Benefits our customers are getting from Matrack Solutions

Manage your fleet and increase efficiency of your system from anywhere with our web and smartphone apps

Fleet management case study Continential Carriers LLC

Continential Carriers LLC

A medium trucking company in Fresno, California.

Fleet management case study Skyway Trucking

Skyway Trucking

Skyway Trucking is a medium sized transport trucking company based in Ontario, Canada

Fleet management case study Crosby Anderson Freight

Crosby Anderson Freight

Crosby Anderson Freight is medium sized Trucking company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fleet management case study JBD LLC


A medium sized trucking company based in Georgia

A trusted solution for fleet management



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Our Customer Testimonials

"I have a growing rental car company implementing gps tracking has saved me time and money. I can rest assured every time a vehicle leaves the property that i have done that what I can to protect my assets. i went with Matrack because they are cost effective and their friendly staff makes business a pleasure I can honestly say that I couldn't be in better hands when it comes to tracking"

-Ace Cars, CN

Our Customer Testimonials

"“Just want to say first and foremost that I am really happy with this company I would not go to a different company the customer service is excellent every time I need something there right on it I will keep adding more gps’s to my company these people have never left me down there always there for technical support customer service whatever I need they’re there for me I am recommending this company to anyone out that’s interested in a GPS”


Our Customer Testimonials

"Hi want to say after I went through a training . I found the equipment to be very user friendly and very durable. Accuracy was about 95%. After reviewing other devices I think I made the right choice . And price was great."

-Omar Sherif

Our Customer Testimonials

"The device is good and works perfect."

-Sam Jubidu


Matrack gives you everything you need to manage a fleet efficiently. Increase your productivity with Matrack solutions

Feel free to call us at:

+1 (855) 658-7225

We are available on phone – 9am to 5pm – PST, Monday through Friday.

24X7 Customer support service

24/7 Customer Service

30 days money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Water Proof and Water Resistant