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Fleet Tracking
Manage Your Fleet with Fewer Resources. Maximize output by organizing, scheduling, appointing jobs and deliveries to your drivers with our integrated Dispatch Platform. In a field-based delivery operation, when your drivers are beyond anyone ability to see, you truly need to recognize what is happening. Integrate fleet maintenance software with your asset management systems to track and analyze increasingly complex driver and vehicle data. By streamlining fleet maintenance processes, preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs won t slip through the cracks saving the company money while helping ensure safety on the road.
Asset & Trailer Tracking
Matrack GPS trackers for vehicles and equipment provide real time alerts for you to quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset while it is on the road or at a job site. Be notified by SMS or email for instant speed, geofence, hard braking, hard acceleration and low battery alerts. Add multiple users and configure alerts according to your specific needs. Evaluate vehicle drive history and speeding reports to see which vehicles are being improperly driven. Detect out of office hour usage and prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles. Use driver safety reports to see which drivers need additional training for better driving behavior. Provides state mileage reports and also fuel usage report.
ELD Solutions
Our hardware is ELD compliant, easy to install, Bluetooth compatible, and stacked with a load of valuable services to help streamline your business reporting. Our Device is DOT compliant and listed in FMCSA s ELD approval list. The ELD logbook app provides voice recognition for making status changes. Matrack ELD provides tools to keep Fleet Managers up to speed on loading/unloading procedures from start to end. Our intelligent and fully automated solution for IFTA compliance saves you hours of filing time and avoids costly errors. Matrack devices easily track when drivers are on or off duty and provide an instantaneous view into driver s total hours.
Amex Fuel Card
The Matrack 2-in-1 solution has partnered with American Express to provide not only more flexibility and benefits than an independent factor, but also offer additional advantages. Cash flow for trucking companies can be unpredictable. That s why the Matrack Cash Flow Solution gives you up to 60 days to pay with no interest so you have greater financial flexibility. We believe clear pricing keeps customers happy, and happy customers fuel our business. Simply pay for the fuel purchased during the billing period. No matter how many purchases occur on the account during billing period, there are no additional card fees or transaction fees.

Products and Services

MA-OBD Classic Plug-in
  • Data Network: 4G LTE Cat M1
  • Dimensions:1.2in X 2.7in X 4.1in
MA-Hardwire Classic
  • Data Network: 4G LTE Cat M1
  • Dimensions: 2.75in X 1.97in X 1.05in
MA-Hardwire Silver
  • Data Network:LTE (FDD)
  • Dimensions: 2.4in x 1.8in x 1.1in
MA-Asset Classic
  • Data Network: 4G LTE
  • Dimensions: 2.87in X 2.4in X 1.69in
MA-Hardwire Classic
  • Data Network: 4G LTE Cat M1
  • Dimensions: 2.75in X 1.97in X 1.05in
MA-Hardwire Silver
  • Data Network:LTE (FDD)
  • Dimensions: 2.4in x 1.8in x 1.1in
** $7/month is only available on request, for multiple device purchase of more than 50 devices
ELD Compliance
  • FMCSA-listed ELD
  • DOT compliant
  • Works with any mobile device
EDVIR & Defect Reporting
  • Create pre-EDVIR reports
  • Create post-EDVIR reports
  • Transfer reported defects
Reporting & Alerts
  • Fuel efficiency & vehicle health
  • Activity and driver behavior
  • IFTA, EL, and FSMA
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Matrack Dispatch Solutions

Maximize output by organizing, scheduling, and appointing jobs and deliveries to your drivers with our integrated Dispatch Platform.

Fleet Management software revolutionized the way we do business and manage our assets.
Fleet owners are now realizing that it is one of the most important tools that can drive additional profit and allow them to take control of their fleet and manage costs.
User-Customizable Tracking

Why Matrack Devices are Best

Features MA1080 Xt2169 XT4569
Real-Time Tracking 2 pings per day
Battery Upto 5 years* Need to connect to external battery 12V Internal battery support Approx. 1 week external battery 12V
Portable/wired portable wired wired
Geofence Alert
Sim 4G AT&T 4G AT&T 4G AT&T
Warranty 1year 1year 1year
Repo mode
Ignition On /off alerts

Your Fleet.
Get Real Results.

Learn More Before You Buy?

Trailer & Asset Tracking Devices

Matrack Trailer & Asset Tracker uses GPS tracking to provide asset management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our GPS fleet tracking system can help decrease cost and improve the overall productivity of your business.

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Maximize Trailer

Geofence alerts, Idle time alerts and track history reports will help maximize the task with best use of time and fuel and hence, cut costs and save large amounts of money.

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Ensure Security of
your assets

You can monitor if your cargo is treated well by utilizing easily accessible movement reports through our platform. Our battery powered trackers will assist in assuring you of the security of your assets for years to come.

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State Mileage-IFTA

Our state-of-the-art platform will generate an electronic state mileage report for you, using data generated by your tracking device. We can also generate the complete IFTA report for you.

Reduction in Accidents
Increase in Efficiency
Reduction in insurance premiums


The Best Solution For GPS Tracking.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Easy-to-Install Hardware
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Fleet Discounts
  • Discrete, Tamper-Proof
  • US-Based Customer Support

Our GPS Tracking Device Reviews

Converted to Matrack after years with another company based in NY that, for whatever reason, just became almost totally unresponsive and I’m happy now that I did. Matrack seems to be on the ball and customer service is very responsive.

D. Wayne Patterson

We could do business with any GPS tracking platform we choose and have done business with most of the major players. None come close to the quality, value and service offered by Matrack.

Rick R

The software is extremely user friendly and the entire format of Matrack is easier than any other ELD system I’ve ever used.

Charles D

GPS Trailer Tracking Case Studies