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Complete GPS Tracking Solutions
No Hidden Fees, No Contracts

Asset GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

MA Hardwired SILVER
Weatherproof GPS Tracker
(upgraded versions available)

Trailers & Rail Cars
Marine Vessels
Equipment & Machines
Towable Assets

Vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
MA Hardwired CLASSIC
GPS Tracker
(upgraded versions available)

Passenger Vehicles
Utility Vehicles
Commercial Trucks
Motorcycles & ATVs

ELD Solution
Matrack SmartELD
Voice-based ELD Status changes

Our ELD logbook app provides voice recognition for making
status changes.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
Our intelligent and fully automated solution for IFTA compliance saves you hours of filing time and avoids costly errors.
Passenger Vehicles
Utility Vehicles
Commercial Trucks
All CMVs

Increase visibility of your assets with Matrack GPS Tracking Solutions

Our fleet tracking software and systems give you the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet efficiently while streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.

GPS Tracking Solutions we Offer

Our customers have found Matrack’s devices to be straight forward and easy to use,
yet effective and adaptable to their needs.


Simplify report generation
Reduce Fuel Expenses


Maintain whereabouts of remote equipments
Unearth and retrieve stolen assets
Self Sustained Tracking

GPS Trailer Tracking System

Efficient Asset Utilization
Maximize Utilization of Investments
Safeguards trailers and Cargo

No Contract

No Hidden Fees

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Less worries, be secured and have a stress free life

Case Studies

Benefits got from using our devices

Manage your fleet and increase efficiency of your system from anywhere with our web and smartphone apps

Continental Carriers is a medium sized trucking company in Fresno. California
Crosby Anderson Freight is medium sized trucking company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina
JBD is a Georgia based transport trucking company

Animal Tracking

Know Your Herd

Locate and monitor your large animals, such as horses, sheep and goats, with our easy-to-use, industry best tracking software.
Is your horse or mare always searching for the best pasture? Preset a perimeter and if the tracker exits or enters that perimeter, you will be alerted immediately so you can initiate Aggressive Tracking Mode.
Have some hyperactive goats of which you need to keep track? Our asset tracker has a stellar battery of up to 5 years. The device will also automatically monitor its battery power to give one less thing to worry about.
Interested in where your sheep our grazing? Our tracking system’s easy-to-use software is the industry, best solution for securing your herd.