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GPS Tracking – Breathing Life into a Bike Rental Business

In a world of soaring pollution, a lot of people are inclining towards economic/ environment friendly ways to commute. Obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle on the other hand have urged people to being fitness freaks. Business opportunists have therefore stepped in doing their bit towards the environment and encouraging physical activity by renting out bikes at a small convenience fee aiming at a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. We recognize them a bike rental companies today.

As an owner of a bike rental company, there is no doubt that you have studied the aforementioned issues and launched your innovation in the form of your fleet. However, it is crucial that you also understand the risk your business is at if it lacks security. Usually rental businesses fall prey to dishonesty, cheating, theft, and more.  An owner can never be sure of the documents he receives from his rentee at the time of renting a bike from his fleet.  Rentees often misuse the bikes rented out to them too. However, if there is no track record or a before and after data available, it becomes very difficult to have anything proved. Ever wondered how cash depleting would theft or mishaps be to your business? No sooner than later, they would eat into your profits too. To prevent this unfortunate happening, Matrack brings to you a device to secure your fleet. The new Matrack GPS tracking device can ensure to keep your fleet intact and traceable whenever and wherever it may be.

Enlisted below are the benefits a Matrack GPS tracking device renders:

Small Devices: A Matrack GPS tracking device is tiny enough to be concealed on a bike. This will save you the risk of having the device tampered with or broken down before/after theft.

Protection against theft: You can track any bike from your fleet as long a Matrack GPS tracker is installed on it. Our GPS tracker will intimidate the exact location of your bike even after it has been stolen. As bikes are light in weight and easy to pick, they often serve as a thief’s favourite. Bikes are usually dismantled after being stolen as they become almost impossible to recognize by the owner and easier to transport. Our GPS tracker can however track even a dismantled bike giving you its exact location.

No billing ambiguity: Our GPS tracker renders easy and transparent billing. It makes it very simple to keep a record of riding time and handling while the bike is on the go.

SOS facility: In case of a mishap, vehicle breakdown or accident, the GPS tracker will alert you or your staff, if the button is pressed by the rider, with the exact location and directions to get to the place at the earliest possible. This feature is recognized to save lives and has received extra stars as customer feedback too.

Weather proof: Our GPS devices are designed to function flawlessly in any weather. Be it the wet monsoons or any extreme climate, Matrack GPS trackers will not stop working.

Real time tracking: This allows owners to keep a tab on the speed and location of their bike. In case of an unauthorized use or rule violation, the owner or his staff would be intimidated with an alert. This ensures that your bikes are safe on the road.

Handy for delivery companies: If your fleet is used to deliver food or couriers, our GPS tracker is extremely helpful to track the route and time erasing the room for any kind of dishonesty. It is indeed helpful to the delivery executive as well as the navigation tool will display the shortest and easiest route to the destination along with traffic alerts.

Navigation information: Our GPS trackers map the best route to the desired destination along with traffic indication and information on road and weather condition. This is a big plus when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Rental abuse: Often bike rental owners are faced with the brutal dishonesty of a rentee. Our GPS tracking device can eliminate this happening by helping you monitor every bike in your fleet from any place at any time.

Maintenance alerts: In order to keep every bike in your fleet up to the mark, a regular maintenance is required. As tough as monitoring each vehicle individually can get, our GPS trackers make it just as simple. You would automatically receive an alert to have your bike serviced when time is due. This feature ensures the customers too that they are riding a bike that is serviced regularly and is in good condition.

Goefencing: Our GPS tracking devices are not confined to tracking and monitoring alone. You can now choose safe and unsafe zones for your bikes (geofences). You will then be alerted when your bike approaches an unsafe area or breaches any rule set on your device for your fleet.

Owing to fleet owner interests, Matrack GPS tracking devices help an owner of a bike rental company track his/her fleet ensuring its safety. It is also very reliable when it comes to maintaining data of every bike in the fleet.  Matrack provides the best GPS tracking devices with a number of features. Here’s what you get with your Matrack GPS tracking device;

  • A strong battery life which endures for a commendable 5 months
  • A GPS tracker that breaks down the indoor-outdoor tracking barrier as it works in accordance with the latest Wi-Fi stealth technology
  • A configurable APIs that can deliver data for software integration
  • Covert portable devices that can be hidden on the bike
  • 1 year warranty for your Matrack GPS tracking devices
  • Dedicated 24/7 technical support
  • 30 days hassle free return

If you do have a bike rental business, put GPS tracking as a priority on your list. You not only gain access to your bikes while they are on the go, you also are able to track overtime and overuse of your bike which you otherwise would have missed. Matrack GPS tracking devices also save you theft and maintenance costs. Keep your fleet intact; install your preferred Matrack GPS tracking device today!

For any assistance or additional information on GPS tracking devices, you could visit us at MatrackInc

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