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Mirrorless Trucks

The mirrorless semi-truck, MirrorEye, is an innovation that potentially expands truck drivers’ vision, prevents collisions, improves aerodynamics and saves fuel. How do the mirrorless trucks work? The two large conventional 50 square inch side mirrors of the truck used for rear vision are replaced with an external multi-view digital camera system and an internal two video monitor system; one screen mounted on each pillar of the cabin in front of the driver. The FMCSA has deemed the digital camera system safe or possibly safer than external mirrors and has given Stoneridge, the company that makes them, an exemption from the law that requires the installation of the conventional two rear-vision mirrors in all commercial vehicles.
So what are the benefits of mirrorless trucks? Stoneridge claims that by eliminating the bulky side mirrors, aerodynamics will be enhanced which results in lower fuel costs by roughly 2 to 3 percent. The driver’s vision of the road is also improved by using digital cameras with three different views, which helps eradicate drivers’ blind spots. It’s estimated that it could expand the driver’s view by up to 25%. The camera system also has overtaking warnings to alert the driver. The cameras even provide clear color night vision and have self-cleaning lenses and heaters to protect them from ice and frost. The expanded vision the cameras offer could significantly reduce collisions with other motorists and pedestrians, making the road a safer place for all.

See for yourself how the mirrorless trucks perform here on YouTube

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