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JBD LLC Benefits With Matrack Logs

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Sam Jubidu

JBD LLC based in Georgia has worked in the transport trucking industry for the last 13 years. When the mandate was given to make the switch from paper logs to electronic logs, Fleet Manager Sam Jubidu knew he had to find a solution; and the solution was Matrack.

What are the short and long term benefits Sam sees in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

  • HOS compliance with electronics logs
    Making the switch from paper logs to electronic logs was a landmark event in the career of all truckers. HOS compliance for trucking companies is crucial to keep both those on the road safe and also to prevent large fines or even potential shut downs.

    “I was reading when the mandate was given to make the change from paperwork. That’s when I found Matrack on the internet. I use it for logging. Matrack helps us with HOS compliance”—Sam Jubidu

  • Easy to use
    Technology should be used to make life easier and more secure. That’s why the Matrack App was designed to make the switch from paper logs to electronic logging fast and easy.

    When asked, “Is it easier to view driver logs while using Matrack’s app compared to paper logs?”
    Sam replied, “Matrack logs vs paper logs—Yes, much easier!”

  • User-Friendly
    Simplicity and user friendliness are key elements when implementing new systems. Our customers have found our devices to be straight forward and easy to use, yet effective and adaptable to their needs.

    When asked to describe Matrack in one sentence, Sam replied, “The equipment is very simple and easy to use!”

  • Time efficiency
    Recording HOS manually was time-consuming and tedious. By using electronic logging with Matrack, precious time can be saved, helping fleet managers like Sam to be more efficient in their work.

    Sam, who has used other brands before says, “ Matrack (is what) helps us save time on paperwork.”

  • Driver transparency
    It’s important for fleet managers to be able to know what is happening with their drivers and be able to track their routes in real time. Paper logs were prone to errors, miscalculations or even tampering. With Matrack’s Tracking App you will get 100% driver transparency with HOS, geofencing, aggressive braking, and speeding alerts and you will be able to follow the vehicle in real time.

    “The feature that I like the most about Matrack is being able to see the location of the vehicle”—Sam Jubidu

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