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GPS Tracking Device For Trailer

Secure Your Trailer Now

How to Create a GeoFence to Alert
Theft or Unauthorized Trailer Use?
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Matrack is setting a new standard for Trailer GPS Tracker
Find out how. Save $250 NOW!

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Thorough Insight into Asset Utilization


Streamline inventory management, minimize yard hunts and dwell time, and optimize yard and dock organization.

Maximize Utilization of Investments

Maximize Utilization of Investments

Increase business potential and minimize investments into unnecessary resources by maximizing underutilized trailers.

Safeguard Trailers
and Cargo

secure trailers and cargo

Create Geofences and alert systems to eliminate cargo theft, unauthorized use, temperature change, etc.


MA-Asset Classic asset tracking system

Asset Tracker MA-1080

A simple, effective, portable tracking devicethat easily attaches to any metal surface

MA-HW Silver Weatherproof Hardwired Tracker

Weatherproof Hardwired XT-4550

A discreet, waterproof, tamper resistant device

Solar Power Hardwire fleet tracker

Solar Power Hardwire

A discreet, waterproof, tamper resistant device powered by solar panel

Why would anyone need Trailer Tracking?

trailer tracking which Maximize Trailer Utilization

Maximize Trailer Utilization

Increase profitibility by optimizing trailer-to-tractor ratios and redeploying under-utilized trailers to higher demand areas.
track your trailers to protect from theft and unauthorized Use

Protect Trailers from Theft and Unauthorized Use

Instantly detect theft and unauthorized use with Geofence alert systems. Real-time and breadcrumb tracking supports law enforcement in recovery.
team discussing on vehicle travel log report

Streamline Trailer Yard Organization

Optimize yard/dock protocols and simplify inventory recording by using accurate reports and real-time cargo data provided by Matrack’s Travel Log Reports.
ensure cargo quality with two-way reefer control systems

Ensure Food Cargo Quality

Enhance cargo management, eliminate spoilage, and simplify compliance with two-way reefer control systems.


GPS tracking device with 24x7 customer service and 30 days money back guarantee

You can download your GPS App here to breeze through set up! ​