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Skyway Trucking

“I think you guys are always on top of things, it’s fantastic.”—Rui Ariosa

Rui Ariosa is the fleet manager for Skyway Trucking, a medium sized transport trucking company based in Ontario, Canada.

What are the short and long term benefits Skyway Trucking sees in using MaTrackinc products and services?

  • Increased Driver Morale

    As Rui and all fleet managers know, paper logging provided little insight into what was actually happening with drivers. Using MaTrack’s electronic logging devices, fleet managers like Rui have a 100% clear view, in real time, of driver’s HOS, speed, aggressive breaking and more. That helps make sure that drivers are always on their best behavior, following FMCSA regulations, staying safe and avoiding fines and accidents.

    “Paper logs were always easier to cheat. Your program is very good. Since having Matrack (our drivers) have never been stopped.”—Rui Ariosa—Rui Ariosa
  • Face to Face Personalized Customer Service

    Big companies are known for treating their customers poorly, failing to be able to adjust and adapt to the need of each and every unique customer. Rui Ariosa has worked in the trucking company almost two decades and he was looking for a GPS tracking device that could meet his company’s ever evolving needs.

    “We (Skyway Trucking) have been in business for 18 years. To be honest, when I spoke with MaTrack, I liked the way you answered my questions. MaTrack is a smaller company and my company is small too so I thought we could make something work. I could see that MaTrack was really willing to cater to all my needs.”—Rui Ariosa
  • Outstanding Tech Support 24/7

    The ELD mandate has made Trucking and Technology, inseparable. Yet for many, it takes time to learn about and adjust to the new system of electronic logging. It’s important for trucking companies to receive timely help to troubleshoot their GPS devices and get answers to all their questions. MaTrack’s tech support team is available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns. Rui shares his experience with MaTrack’s tech support team.

    “From 1-10, I would give MaTrack a 10. If I have a problem, MaTrack Tech Support immediately solves it and tries to help out. One time I was near JFK and the GPS didn’t work. I called MaTrack Tech Support and they told me how to fix it by telling me that there was a jammer near the airport. They knew that when I left the area, it would work again.”—Rui Ariosa
  • HOS Compliance

    HOS Driver Compliance is one of the top goals for all fleet managers. If HOS are violated, the FMCSA may charge a civil penalty on the driver or carrier, which could range from $1,000 to $11,000. Safety ratings for the carrier could even be downgraded if there is a pattern of violations taking place, and federal criminal penalties can even be brought against carriers who knowingly allow HOS violations. That made fleet managers like Rui choose MaTrack to make sure that they stay HOS compliant and avoid violations.

    “MaTrack is good. It helps us stay compliant. With violations of paper logs, they (FMCSA) only gave you a ticket. But now, they can give even criminal charges. Now, it is harder for drivers to cheat. It’s good.”

Why Does Skyway Trucking Choose MaTrack?

  • 100% Driver Transparency
  • Face to Face Personalized Customer Service
  • Outstanding 24/7 Tech Support
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction
  • HOS Compliance
  • Great Pricing
  • Adaptability to Customer’s needs
  • Increased Driver Morale
  • No Violations
  • Easy to Use Electronic Logging

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