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GPS Tracking Synonymous With Bike Rental Security

Theft is the most displeasing and unfortunate happening to occur in any business. Yet in the bike rental sector, it is the most common occurrence of all. Bikes being so light weighted tend to top a thief’s preference list when it comes to easy stealing. This indeed hampers the bike rental business at large eating into profits and investment one after the other. However, theft alone is not a thing of concern to bike rental entrepreneurs as there are plenty of loop holes to manipulate a rental business altogether. Nonetheless, technology, that continues to advance by the day, has a solution for almost every business problem today. Therefore a fleet of bikes can be kept running flawlessly with the help of technology. This is possible with the installation of an advanced technology widely known as the GPS Tracker.  

Bike rental companies are faced with multiple issues day in and day out. Keeping a tracking of every bike in the fleet manually is close to impossible and demands a huge staff in charge of maintaining records. Before taking a look at the role a GPS tracker plays to secure every bike in a fleet, let us first understand the many issues faced by bike rental companies;

  • Theft: Often bike rental owners find it extremely challenging to maintain the size of their bike fleet. Theft being such a common occurrence does not only imply to thieves but also some of the rentees. It is almost impossible to be 100 percent sure of the documents received by a rentee at the time of renting out a bike. Therefore, theft marks itself at the top of the list of the bike rental business risks.
  • Billing issues: Bikes are usually rented out for a couple of hours. However, a little extra here and there tends to get overlooked while maintaining manual records. Conflicting opinions of facts while renting the bike also lead to ample issues while billing. Lack of properly maintained records often stands as the key to such issues.
  • Tracing a bike: Sometimes a bike from your fleet may go missing and although it may not be stolen, you may not be able to locate where the bike has been parked exactly. If an owner cannot trace a bike from their fleet it is as good having lost it for good.
  • Dishonesty: Employees/rentees often cover their mistakes with the help of lies. Unless owners have an access to bikes from their fleet, they are left with no option but to believe whatever is being told to them by their employee/rentee. If the fleet caters to the food/courier delivery sector, employee dishonesty is not a very unusual happening.
  • Accidents and mishaps: In case of an accident or mishap, owners would have no idea about the real happening unless they have a tracking record of their fleet. In most cases, an owner may not even be aware of the whereabouts of his bike or the occurrence of an accident. However, GPS tracking can help by keeping the owners in the loop.
  • Manipulation of company rules: The terms and conditions put before a rentee as company policy are often found to be manipulated by them. Generally, for a little extra saving, a rentee tends to twist and turn company rules of renting in his/her favour thus adding to the minor losses in the bike rental firm.

The aforementioned can be solved with a single device – The GPS tracker. Let us now understand how GPS trackers secure a fleet with utmost convenience.

Role of GPS Tracker for Bike Rental Security

  • Protection against theft: A GPS tracker allows the owner/staff of the bike rental company to monitor his/her fleet at anytime from anywhere. Thieves often dismantle the bike once stolen so it becomes easier to transport and unidentifiable at the same time. However, a GPS tracker will still give the exact location of the bike even after it has been dismantled.
  • No billing ambiguity: GPS trackers render easy and transparent billing. It makes it very simple to keep a record of riding time and handling while the bike is out on rent.

  • Real time tacking and Geofencing: This feature helps bike rental companies track any bike in their fleet while on the go. The tracking enables an owner to understand the duration as well as the handling of his bike. It also signals the owner/staff on violation of any traffic rules. On the other hand, geofencing is a feature that ensures that the bikes are ridden within the area marked as safe by the rental company and does not enter any prohibited area set by the company.
  • Transparency due to records: There is a transparency brought about by GPS trackers between renters and rentees. Rental companies now do not have to face losses caused due to rental abuse or dishonesty and manipulation as the GPS tracker stores necessary records of the same.

  • Safety after accidents or mishaps: In case of a mishap, vehicle breakdown or accident, the GPS tracker will intimidate the owner/staff, with the exact location and directions to get to the place with the quickest route available. This feature (SOS) is recognized to save lives and has received extra stars as customer feedback for the level of security it offers.
  • Maintenance indication:  A GPS tracker will indicate when it is time to have the bike serviced. Owners can now be confident of the quality of the bikes in their fleet without maintaining a manual record of their physical condition.

GPS trackers offer an array of security measures to bike rental companies. They are waterproof and weather proof, thus keeping a bike fleet safe and secure throughout the year. The owner of a bike rental firm can access any information about any bike in his fleet through a mere application on his phone. GPS trackers therefore play an important role in the security of bike fleets.

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