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Continental Carriers


“Everyone likes (Matrack) devices. They are easy to use.”—Prem Sodhi

Prem Sodhi is the Fleet Manager for Continental Carriers LLC, a medium sized trucking company in Fresno, California.

What are the short and long term benefits Continental Carriers sees in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

  • Less time on paper-work

    Matrack devices facilitate report filing with ease in a timely manner. Information that would have taken long tedious hours to calculate manually is instantaneously provided through the Matrack App. That means precious time saved for Prem.

    “Every quarterly, when I have to do my state report, I can quickly access the information from my (Matrack) app. (For example) How many miles I went in each state, I can quickly access (it) and don’t have to calculate it myself.”—Prem Sodhi
  • ELD and HOS Compliance

    Matrack devices easily track when drivers are on or off duty and provide an instantaneous view into driver’s total hours to make sure that that there are no violations in exceeded hours of service.

    “When the law was changed, where you had to have an ELD in your truck when traveling to different states, I was looking for an ELD device. I called (Matrack) to find out more and that’s how I started. I like that the devices have options to change “off duty” “on duty” etc. (to track the HOS).”—Prem Sodhi

  • User-Friendly

    The mandate to change from paper logs to electronic logs left many drivers wondering if things would be initially more complicated. Also, drivers worried about having to learn how to use new devices. With Matrack, the change was smooth and easy.

    “I was coming from paper log to ELD and now I like it. Everyone likes the (Matrack) devices. They are easy to use”—Prem Sodhi

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Matrack makes sure customers are satisfied and get the best service and products available in the market.

    “My experience is good. That’s my experience with Matrack… I will stay with you guys.”—Prem Sodhi
  • The Ripple Effect

    Helping spread the joy and ease of using Matrack products to others. Prem was so satisfied with Matracks products that he showed the devices to his friends. Result? Not just one, but 10 of his friends are also now benefitting from Matrack products!

    “I was looking for an ELD device and I called (Matrack) to find out more and that’s how I started. I got the device, and my friends liked them so I ordered 10 more for them. Everyone likes the devices, which is why I ordered 10 more! I am more happy with it.”—Prem Sodhi

Why Does Continental Carriers Choose Matrack?

  • 100% Driver Transparency
  • Face to Face Personalized Customer Service
  • Outstanding 24/7 Tech Support
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction
  • HOS Compliance
  • Great Pricing
  • Adaptability to Customer’s needs
  • Increased Driver Morale
  • No Violations
  • Easy to Use Electronic Logging

    What inspired Percy to choose Matrack?

    • HOS compliance
    • Great customer service
    • Easy to work with and helpful

    “Mainly, I wanted to move to the HOS system. I saw the features and HOS possibilities before the ELD regulations, so I decided to move and try. Everything was a very good support. It was teamwork. I am happy. It’s a very helpful company for the trucking business with great customer service.”

    What are the immediate benefits Percy sees in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

      • Easy to install– Installation was simple and quick
      • User- friendly App—Straight forward and easy to use app allowing you to track the history of the driver’s route, speed and more
      • Fuel efficiency improved with drivers monitored for speeding. Speeding, idling, and aggressive breaking can all be seen in real time.
      • The app helped with vehicle maintenance by tracking miles, driver speed and keeping an eye on the daily driver hours of driving.
      • Track History Feature – Helps keep track of events from the past and when communication with the driver is lost. We can check to see the idling hours, location, route, etc. and stay informed.

    “I think for us, it’s very helpful to see the tracking history. For example, if I want to know what happened since yesterday, I can see what the driver did, how long he drove, and at what speed, etc. It’s useful information in case we cannot communicate. We can call immediately to say, ‘my driver arrived at this time and waited five hours, etc.’”—Percy

      • No violations with the help of the App and Customer Support!

    “The expenses are less because we have information on the trucks. We can follow the drivers and comply with HOS instructions; which means fewer problems with the DOT to run our business.”—Percy

    Feel free to call us at:

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    We are available on phone – 9am to 5pm – PST, Monday through Friday.

    24X7 Customer support service

    24/7 Customer Service

    30 days money back guarantee

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Water Proof and Water Resistant