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The Best GPS Solution for
Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Helps reduce Financing Risk and Collection Costs, and improve Cash Flow by utilizing intelligent hardware and software

Vehicle finance companies, buy-here-pay-here dealers and credit unions can reduce risk by utilizing intelligent hardware and software

MA Wireless Asset Tracker

MA Hardwired Asset Tracker

Introducing our new asset tracker, the best and most convenient tool for preventing unauthorized use of your assets. this asset tracker is perfect for many asset types, including such as detachable trailers, vintage autos, boats, construction equipment and RVs. These asset trackers can survive the most extreme conditions. Its casing and structure make it both water-resistant and weather-proof.

The MA-Asset Classic is considered to be our standard in the world of asset tracking systems, simple sturdy and with enduring battery power, this piece of equipment practically sells itself.

Main Features

  • Water & weather-proof
  • Works well in extreme conditions
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2 Updates per day
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Speed up asset recovery
  • Aggressive tracking mode (in case of theft)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

MA Hardwired Asset Tracker

Our weather-proof Hardwired Tracker is a sophisticated and convenient tool for making sure your property is safe.This tracker is ideal for preventing unauthorized use of a variety of assets, including construction equipment, vintage autos, boats, RVs and detachable trailers. It can survive refrigeration, blistering heat, or even a blizzard.

This isn’t a typical GPS asset tracking device. Many of us here at Matrack consider this to be our best asset trackers due to its versatility. Serving as both an asset tracker and a logistics device, the MA Hardwire Silver can protect valuables, increase productivity, and save your business tons of money due to unnecessary expenses.

Main Features

  • Water & weather-proof
  • Real Time Tracking
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2 Updates per day
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Speed up asset recovery
  • Manage its own battery
  • Roadside assistance
  • Geofencing
  • Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

Smarter GPS Tracking Technology for BHPH

Specifically designed for BHPH Car Dealers

GPS Tracking Solutions for BHPH

Our smart technology helps BHPH businesses mitigate risk, improve cash flow and easily locate vehicles for recovery. GPS tracking is preventive technology that catches issues before they become losses

Key Features and Benefits

  • Locate and recover assets whenever required
  • Remotely disable the vehicle’s starter with the click of a button
  • Lower your losses with customizable alerts for risky events
  • Decrease defaults and repossessions
  • Simplify vehicle recovery
  • Save money with our competitively priced GPS tracking system

Impound, Tow and Tamper Alerts

It’s an incredible resource to protect your assets.:
Vehicle impounds typically result from mechanical breakdowns, DUIs, illegal parking and towing, etc. Our system scans and creates virtual GeoFences around impound lots nationwide. If a vehicle is impounded, the dealer will be notified and the vehicle will be listed automatically on the dealer’s dashboard. Tamper alerts are triggered if the tracker is removed or disabled. With Impound, Tow, and Tamper alerts, the major issues for auto financing are covered.

Starter Disable

Reminding Customer of Upcoming or Late Payments: :
Our hardwire devices come with a starter-kill option. This lets dealers remotely disable a vehicle’s starter at the push of a button. When a vehicle has been identified and “radar-locked” just before a repossession, the starter can instantly be disabled, so the vehicle cannot move while the recovery services are enroute.


Get Notified When Vehicles Enter or Leave Specific Areas:
Get Alerts When Vehicles Enter or Leave Dealer-Specified Areas: Allows dealers to monitor where their financed vehicles go, whether to a risky area of concern or simply returning to the lot. Configure up to 10 GeoFences per device, around dealer-specified addresses or locations, and get text and/or email alerts whenever a vehicle crosses into or out of any GeoFence boundary.

Simple Installation

Quick and Easy 3-Wire Plug-N-Play Installation:
Quick and Easy 2-Wire Plug-N-Play Installation: Our low cost GPS Tracking devices can be installed on any vehicle in just a few minutes with a simple 2-wire install. Attaching a simple positive and negative wire is all that’s required. Installs easily under the dash of the vehicle (and elsewhere). To enable the starter disable feature, simply connect a third relay wire and the tracker is ready!


Reports Help You Manage your Business:
Reports that Help You Manage Your Business: Streamline your auto finance GPS tracking operations with vital and insightful reports, tailored your schedule—once a week, on a specific date each month or more. You can easily import reports into Excel (CSV), or export them as PDFs, to reduce delinquencies, and impound lot losses, and to recover lost revenue.


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