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I have been using Matrack for over a year now and prefer their mapping platform to the others I have used. Matrack provides gps tracking for three of our company trucks and I couldn’t be happier with their service. I can clearly see where the drivers are, where they are going and the status of drivers i.e. in motion, stopped, idling or parked. They have a track single driver option which prevents route display overlap. Matrack is clear, efficient and comprehensive. If you are a manager of company vehicles I can testify that Matrack tracking software will work for you.

East Bay Refrigeration, East Bay.

We have a distribution fleet of 30 trucks and need to know vehicle locations at all times. Matrack has provided us with reliable tracking and excellent tech support. We also have been able to save on insurance and fuel cost since installation. We feel we made the right choice going with Matrack and enjoy working with their knowledgeable tech support. There are many choices out there for GPS tracking and I feel we found the best.

Best Express Foods, Inc., Hayward CA

I have a growing rental car company. Implementing gps tracking has saved me time and money. I can rest assured every time a vehicle leaves the property that I have done what I can to protect my assets. I went with Matrack because they are cost effective and their friendly staff makes business a pleasure. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to tracking.

Ace Cars, NC.


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Fleet Tracking

Matrack Fleet, the most comprehensive GPS tracking solution in North America. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, with automated reporting, many types of alerts, geofencing, fuel monitoring and other features.

Hours of Service

Matrack HOS, a low cost solution for complying with the DOT rules for Hours of Service. Reduces paperwork, increases productivity and simplifies logistics along with GPS tracking, alerts, geofences and a host of other features.

Driver Safety

Our system is able to generate a score that most accurately reflects an individual’s driving patterns in relation to safety. Many families use tracking devices to monitor their teenage drivers. Vehicle monitoring devices are shown to mitigate risky driving behavior by teens and also enable young drivers to be proficient drivers.
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